Summer is in full swing! #SeafoodRamen #ShoyuSnob

The shrimp shells that I had used really amped up the stock’s flavor!  I have wanted to craft a seafood ramen for a while now.  I had gone on a brief hiatus after recently accepting a position completing projects for an engineering consulting firm.

I love seafood so wakame seemed to be a better complement for this ramen instead of the nori that I normally used; but this is just my opinion though…

Also, I made a refreshing drink of matcha green tea and ginger that I had sliced and steeped in the tea. I then mixed it with apple juice, and chilled the tea overnight. The apple juice was a healthy way to add a subtle sweetness to the tea.


The breakdown:
Chicken & shrimp broth with a shoyu tare, and topped with homemade scallion oil, katsuobushi powder, butterfly shrimp, mussels, calamari, scallions, enoki mushrooms, wakame, ajitsuke tamago, and of course, ramen noodles!


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