“The Journey of Kimchi” a guest post by Y.H. Son

Eating authentic kim chi from my mother was one of those things I took it from granted as a youth, and when my mother passed away from cancer later part of my life, i’ve sincerely missed her home made Kim Chi.

Reflecting it now as a 40 year old man, I come to realize what i missed about kim chi was what I hated as a youth, which was time and effort to create a home made kim chi.

Now without mother’s cooking, or her vague knowledge of making kim chi in the past, it was like re-awaking memories of making home made kim chi process.

It was a sincere pleasure to make kim chi the last few weeks, and it does feel healthier making from scratch.

A good kim chi usually comes out refreshing, and it would have good crunch, but with proper fermentation it creates natural zest and tang with spice.

I would like to express gratitude towards those who have already paid and made reservations for Ramen and Kim Chi.

This journey to make a competitive ramen was fun and delightful, and we hope to meet you all soon.

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