Visiting Ippudo in NYC!

Now THIS is ramen! 🍜

I was highly impressed with the flavors of my bowl. I got the tonkotsu and my husband the shoyu. The tonkotsu was on a far greater level than anything I have had here in my city! As a ramen artistan myself, it has inspired even me to do more research and to up my own ramen game.

The Hakata noodles were cooked to a perfect al dente texrure and had a great chew. As far as the broth, I first tasted the part without ma-yu get the true taste. I did this because some restaurants use ma-yu to mask imperfections… The pork bone broth was porky, had a crisp flavor, and perfect salinity. Most importantly, it was very hot and savory to drink. I truly enjoyed my bowl as did my husband.

This was also my first time trying karaage. So crunchy, hot, and favorful! I could make a meal out of these and just a beer alone lol 🐔

I had a Kirin beer, and a Yamazaki 12. 🍺🥃

All in all, it was a pleasant evening meal. My only regret is not getting there earlier, but that was due to flight delays. ✈

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