Visiting Ippudo in NYC!

Now THIS is ramen! 🍜 I was highly impressed with the flavors of my bowl. I got the tonkotsu and my husband the shoyu. The tonkotsu was on a far greater level than anything I have had here in my city! As a ramen artistan myself, it has inspired even me to do more research… Continue reading Visiting Ippudo in NYC!

HIYASHI CHŪKA: “Chilled Noodles” (Summer Ramen) Recipe

Every year, I look forward to our first streak of warm weather. It has become my excuse to begin making hiyashi chūka, or chilled Chinese-style noodles (冷やし中華) for the season. My husband and I love eating this dish on warm nights because it is refreshing, filling, and highly nutritious! In addition, my guests at the… Continue reading HIYASHI CHŪKA: “Chilled Noodles” (Summer Ramen) Recipe

ABURA SOBA: “Oil Noodles” (or Soupless Ramen) Recipe

This is by far the quickest to prepare recipe that I have posted! Popular in Tokyo--particularly among college students, "abura soba" (油そば), is soupless, oily noodle, ramen dish. It is generally less time-consuming to prepare and less costly to order than it's better known broth-laden counterpart. Abura soba can be made when you're in a… Continue reading ABURA SOBA: “Oil Noodles” (or Soupless Ramen) Recipe

GETTING STARTED (Please read this before starting on any of my recipes!)

This is merely a run-down of some general notes and recommendations that I often incorporate while making ramen. Taking a glance at my recipes, you will quickly notice that they involve *days* worth of prep time in advance, careful temperature monitoring, etc. The most common snarky response that I see from skeptics alludes to "having… Continue reading GETTING STARTED (Please read this before starting on any of my recipes!)